Review Policies

Bookmark Lit is open to reviewing the following types of young adult books:

  • Contemporary
  • Romance
  • Paranormal
  • Some science fiction (depending on topic)

I am also open to some new adult or adult titles, depending on the topic. I reserve the right to refuse a book review request for any reason. I would consider self-published titles as long as they align with my reading preferences. If it is something that I would pick up in the store if I saw it, I may give it a chance. I will not respond to review requests if I don’t think they match my interests – I’m sorry!

The views expressed in the reviews are entirely my own. I don’t get paid for these reviews. Any books I review I bought myself, borrowed from a friend, or received from the publisher. I accept e-books (Kindle-friendly), bound books, audiobooks, ARCS, and finished books.

My reviews include:

  • Title
  • Author
  • Cover art
  • First impression
  • Last impression
  • Rating out of five stars
  • Goodreads synopsis
  • Honest review

My reviews may include curse words (depending on how the book made me feel)… I try to keep those in my “personal” reviews (for books I purchased myself). Any book I receive from a publisher will most likely have more appropriate language. Again, not paid for those reviews in any way and all opinions are honest/my own.

My reviews are typically posted on my website ONLY – but can be added to Goodreads if requested/under certain circumstances! I tend to keep my Goodreads personal and separate from my blog.

Here are my ratings:

rating guide

Any questions? Want me to review your book?

I love reading your comments and talking with you! Leave one for me.

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