Weekly Memes

Weekly Memes

Here are the Weekly Memes I participate in each week on Bookmark Lit. You’ll see what the meme entails, who hosts it, and can click to see past posts within that category. Older memes that I participated in at one time, but no longer do, can be found at the bottom.



  • Five on Friday is an “original” meme that I started over here. I’ve seen similar things done over at Hello, Chelly! and Rosie Reads. Basically I’ll share with you the five things I’ve been obsessing over that week. Some things may be book-related, but it can also include general topics, food, activities, songs, etc. from the week.

sunday post

  • Sunday Post is a meme started at The Caffeinated Book Reviewer. It’s a way to share news. You can recap the past week, showcase books and things you’ve received, and share what’s coming up in the following week on your blog. I joined up with this as an alternative to other during-the-week memes, because I didn’t want to clog people’s feeds multiple times a day!

Older Memes

  • Booking Through Thursday was a meme I participated in once or twice but wasn’t overly excited about the topics. I didn’t want to clutter people’s feeds with topics I didn’t care about or had to force myself into.
  • Friday Finds got to be a little too much work for me each week. Should Be Reading hosts this meme, where you showcase the books you ‘found’ and added to your To Be Read (TBR) list. They don’t have to be books you purchased; just books you put on your TBR list.
  • Musing Mondays is also hosted by Should Be Reading. I did this meme for quite a while, but realized that every post I made was coming up with my own topic instead of one of their questions. I figure, I could just make my own discussion posts instead of following a meme. The meme asks you to muse about your reading habits, recent book acquisitions, books you’re desperate to read, what you’re reading at the moment, or rants about the industry or reading. Between WWW Wednesdays and my own posts, I didn’t really need to follow this meme anymore.
  • WWW Wednesdays from Should Be Reading lasted quite a while for me. I didn’t like posting two times a day (since I usually post a review on Wednesdays), when there are other days of the week where I don’t post anything at all. I switched over to the Sunday Post because it’s more in line with the “wrap-up” or summary kind of posts I wanted. The meme focus on what you’re currently reading, what you recently finished, and what you plan to read next.

I love reading your comments and talking with you! Leave one for me.

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