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bookmarklit bulletin

This is a new biweekly feature I’m adding to the site. I don’t want to waste time each week with wrap-ups of the week, so I’ll give a brief wrap-up in the middle of the month (on the 15th). They’ll include my reviews, challenges, readalongs, and any other bookish happenings. At the end of the month, I’ll give my full month wrap-up and haul. For an avid bookstore visitor, I really don’t buy too many (hard copy) books. I try to alternate between Kindle reading and hard copy reading. I have so many books stockpiled that I have yet to read, so I try to keep my purchases to a minimum. I’ll do a Book Haul post each month since I don’t shop for books often enough to do them more frequently. I also include a monthly wrap-up segment in these posts to show what I read, what I think I’ll read next, what my goals were for the month and what they’ll be for the following month, and any general monthly thoughts. See all the posts here!

Mid-Month Bulletin

End of Month Bulletin

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