Best of 2013

Here are my Top 7 books from 2013.
*Because I finished college this year, I didn’t end up reading very many books.

  1. DeadlyPretty Little Liars series #14 by Sara Shepard
    The reason this book is my number one, instead of the 13th book in the series (see below), is because we finally got some information. I don’t like to reveal too much in these mini-reviews, because I want people to be surprised when reading the book, but let’s just say that some major plot points start coming together.
  2. CrushedPretty Little Liars series #13 by Sara Shepard
    People keep complaining that this series is never going to end, but I’m totally okay with it. Each book still keeps me enthralled and is as addicting as the last.
  3. Vanished – Private series #12 by Kate Brian
    Just like with the other books in this series, I pretty much sat down to read it three times and finished it quickly. The books are pageturners, for sure, and this one was no different. The end of this book is what sets up the final two (sort of three) books to be much different than the rest. I don’t want to give it away. I have to read the “prequel” book next, then I can continue to the final two Private books.
  4. Summer series by Katherine Applegate [Beach Blondes, Spring Break, Tan Lines, Sun-Kissed Christmas]
    I am clarifying the order of the books in the series because for some reason they were not published in the correct order. If you read them as listed above, the plot will flow and make sense. I read these books last summer to keep myself in the mood for the season. Overall, kind of fluffy/typical YA books, but also had some great plot points that I didn’t expect.
  5. Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire
    This book is essentially about a good girl and bad boy falling in love. Sounds pretty typical, but it was strongly recommended to me by a friend. I ended up enjoying it very much; it was much more than I expected. I didn’t enjoy the sexist-esque parts of the book, but enjoyed the overall plot.
  6. Rules of Summer by Joanna Philbin
    I’m famous for reading fluffy YA books involving the typical “girl goes on a summer vacation to a beach town and falls in love” premise. This was a great one to fill that need for me. The second book was just released, too! I love books like these in the summertime.
  7. The Interestings by Meg Wolitzer
    Meh. This book was alright. It was moderately boring but I did somewhat enjoy following the characters on their journey. The ending (not the very end, but maybe the last quarter of the book) was probably the best part.

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