Top Books

Favorite Genres

My most-reviewed and general favorite genre is young adult contemporary fiction (as you can probably see if you’ve read any other page on my site). I do branch out into more “adult” contemporary fiction, if the plot interests me. I’m not the type to discriminate or avoid any kind of book as long as the storyline grabs my attention. In general, you won’t find any historical or non-fiction books here. I dabble in paranormal or science-fiction books with certain stories (fairies, afterlife, maybe some vampires, etc.), but not as much as I used to.

Favorite Books

I wish Goodreads was around when I first started really getting into reading, back in middle school. There are so many books and series that I used to love but don’t remember because so much time has passed. Most of my “favorite” books are really a series of books.. like Harry Potter, A Great and Terrible Beauty, Pretty Little Liars, etc. It tends to be difficult for me to pick an all-time favorite book because I like so many series’ as a whole. However, I’ve done my best to include separate lists of my favorite books/series of all time and of each year.

Top 10 Favorite BooksΒ 

Top 10 Favorite Series

Top 10 Books Read in 2013

Top 10 Books Read in 2014
(still being updated as the year progresses!)


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