Five on Fridays #8

fiveonfridayFive on Friday displays theĀ the top five things that have been on my mind this week! It could be book-related, but it may be music, movies, TV, personal life, food, etc.

Lazy Sunday

ONEOn Sunday last weekend, Chris and I were the laziest people on earth. We didn’t leave the apartment, except to sit on our back porch a couple of times. Our front door stayed locked all day from the night before and we hardly moved. It was AWESOME. The day before, we went to Maine to visit his sister for her birthday and spent the whole day travelling (3 hours driving up, 2 hours of time at dinner and hanging out in her dorm, and 3 hours driving home). We felt like we wasted the day because we spent 6 hours in the car. The next day we decided to waste the day in a much better way by being lazy and making the most of our free time. Normally we go to my Dad’s house on Sundays because he has NFL Sunday Ticket and we can watch my football team. Because the Panthers were on Monday night (I don’t even want to talk about how that game went), we just stayed in our apartment all day watching other football games. I took a bath, ate a lot of leftovers, browsed the internet, and just chilled.

Starbucks Caprese Sandwich

TWO2014-11-13 12.50.18UMM wow. I went to Starbucks in Barnes & Noble yesterday for my lunch break because it was payday and I thought I would spend money I don’t have on books. Surprisingly I didn’t end up with any! Regardless, I ended up sitting in Starbucks, reading my book, and having my lunch. I, of course, ended up with a Gingerbread Latte, and decided to try the Caprese Sandwich for lunch. HOLY SHIT. It was so good. I can’t believe I’ve never had it before. There’s a good chance I end up back in Starbucks for lunch today even though I should not be spending $10 on a lunch like that (granted the latte itself is like $4).

12 Days of Christmas Swap Partner


I have found out my first swap partner! (You all know I signed up for too many holiday things) Jenna from Rather Be Reading YA is my partner and we’ve already gotten down to business. So far I have 4/12 gifts for her. I love the idea of this swap because the person is able to open one package a day in the 12 days before Christmas. It helps when you have a partner who has a great About Me section on her blog šŸ˜‰ not to mention…

TIME’s Banned Words Poll

FOURI’m quite heated about this. TIME Magazine makes a poll about which words should be banned in 2015, because they are stupid and/or overused from 2014. A lot of the words were relevant and true: I’m sick of “bae” “om nom nom” (I can’t believe I even typed that one because I hate it SO MUCH) and “turnt.” One word on there that stuck out like a big sore thumb was “feminist.” Ā That’s right, a word that captures an entire history of women’s rights activism and the fight for equality. Yeah. Let’s totally ban THAT word, right along with the extremely powerful word “basic.” Ughghghfdkjfkgjf Ā The reasoning for the “ban” was the following:

quoteYou have nothing against feminism itself, but when did it become a thing that every celebrityĀ had to stateĀ their position on whether this word applies to them, like some politician declaring a party? Letā€™s stick to the issues and quit throwing this label around like ticker tape at a Susan B. Anthony parade.

This is just really stupid to me. Saying the word and using it in the proper context is the only reason there has been actual attention on feminist issues this year. I understand that using it wrong and people speaking out against it doesn’t help, but it brings attention to those who are trying to show the REAL meaning of the world. Celebrities often DO come out about their political preferences as well – that’s their personal choice! I don’t think it’s necessary for interviewers to bug all celebrities about those personal stances, but if someone wants to come out and say they’re a feminist – please fucking let them.


FIVEI loved this topic on Twitter the other day! So many great tweets from my fellow book nerds about their confessions. I retweeted quite a few because they were all so relevant! You can see my contribution as my tweet of the week down at the bottom. Every time I go to the bookstore, I wish I had sticky notes and a pen so I could write recommendations and stick them to books. I wonder if you can get in trouble for that? All I want is to help people find the perfect books!!!

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Five on Fridays #7

fiveonfridayFive on Friday displays theĀ the top five things that have been on my mind this week! It could be book-related, but it may be music, movies, TV, personal life, food, etc.

BrickFair 2014

ONELast weekend, we went to BrickFair 2014 in Somerset, NJ. I luckily have a friend who lives about 10 minutes away from there, so we were able to hang out with her and her boyfriend and go to BrickFair! I was in awe of all the cool stuff people can make. It really inspired Chris to build his own creations instead of buying the premade Lego sets. They had different categories and types of builds around the whole place. They also had vendors that sold custom Lego apparel, jewelry, and figures/accessories. Chris ended up with a few sets and accessories. It was a cool experience and we’re so glad we ended up going!

2014-11-02 13.22.46 2014-11-02 13.53.30 2014-11-02 14.26.09

Balancing Everything

TWOI feel like I sound like a broken record when I talk about this, but it’s really hard! As a new blogger, I’m still trying to find a way to balance everything in my life. I spend a lot of time blogging at work, which I shouldn’t do, but I find it hard to do otherwise. I used to be addicted to using my computer, browsing the internet, and watching Netflix during college, but now I never do. I don’t want to blog when I get home. I want to pry my eyes away from the computer since I stare at it all day at work. I try to reserve my home time for reading, which then disrupts my TV watching time! I am so behind on so many shows. I recently picked back up again with Faking It, and just caught up on Modern Family this morning. I’m the type of person who always needs a schedule, so I should just try to better plan my day in order to do everything I want to do.

A Series of Unfortunate Events for Netflix

THREEGUYS I am so excited for this!! In case you missed it, Netflix announced that it would be developing A Series of Unfortunate Events as a TV series. When they made the movie based on the books, I didn’t think it made a lot of sense. The series has THIRTEEN books… that meant they would either make one movie and call it a day, or make 13 movies (which would be insane). I always thought a TV show made much more sense. They would be able to fully capture the journey of the Baudelaire children much better that way. I’m really excited to see who they end up casting. I think they did pretty well with the casting for the original movie, but I’m sure none of those actors/actresses would be interested in the show. Who knows. I’m excited, though! I’m glad that Daniel Handler (aka Lemony Snicket) will produce it, along with the original movie producers. For more info, check out this article. In typical Snicket/Handler fashion, he had this to say:

quoteā€œI canā€™t believe it,ā€ Snicket said from an undisclosed location. “After years of providing top-quality entertainment on demand, Netflix is risking its reputation and its success by associating itself with my dismaying and upsetting books.”


2014-11-06 15.18.47-1FOURYUP I am not sorry! I don’t care much for Thanksgiving because it causes unnecessary issues for me and splitting my time between family members. I understand and appreciate the meaning of the holiday, but it becomes difficult to celebrate for me. I can’t see both of my parents’ families on Thanksgiving because my dad travels to Maine for the day. Not to mention (unpopular opinion time) I really don’t like Thanksgiving food that everyone loves. Just give me some mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, and pumpkin pie – that’s all I like! So, pretty much the second Halloween ends, I am READY for Christmas. I love it so much. I’m able to see my whole family between Christmas Eve and Christmas day. There’s no better feeling than popping in my NSYNC or Hanson Christmas CDs for the first time or grabbing the first Gingerbread latte for the season! Not to mention all the HOLIDAY BOOKS. I usually don’t read them, but this year I’m making it a point to have December be the month for holiday reading and reviews.

Toy Story 4

FIVEI have mixed feelings on this announcement. I thought Toy Story 3 was an absolutely flawless movie; I was able to relate to it so much. I cried…a lot. I think it honestly may even be my favorite of the three movies. They wrapped everything up perfectly! Why are they going to make more?? I know that, of course, they’ll make a lot of money – but I’m nervous about what the plot could possibly be. We left the toys and Andy in a good place. I guess it could be them adjusting to life in their new home, but that won’t be the same. As happy as I am to see the characters again, I don’t know if this is a good idea. Of course I’ll end up seeing it regardless!

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Five on Fridays #6

fiveonfridayFive on Friday displays theĀ the top five things that have been on my mind this week! It could be book-related, but it may be music, movies, TV, personal life, food, etc.

Rereading Books

ONEEveryone knows that generally I don’t reread books. There are SO MANY other books out there I want to read for the first time; I just don’t have time or energy to read something I’ve already read. That being said, my thoughts have kind of changed lately. I started my Gallagher Girls reread (this time in audiobook form) and I’m realizing how fun it can be! I remembered loving the series and the general outline of what happens/what it’s about… but I’m finding that I remember almost nothing about the series plot-wise. If that’s the case with one of my so-called favorite series, maybe that would happen with other books I’ve read in the past. Now I’m having terrible urges to reread all of my favorite books and series! I know that a reread of Harry Potter will be coming soon, as well as Great and Terrible Beauty. Who am I???

Halloween Festivities

TWOPicMonkey Collage2014-10-30 18.27.37We got off to a late start this year with our Halloween preparations and festivities. We carved our pumpkin finally last night and did all of the pumpkin picking the weekend before. Here you’ll see Chris using the pumpkin as a head! We also got a cinderella pumpkin and two little gourds to go on the other side of our front door. As I said in today’s Bookmark Lit Bulletin, we got some AMAZING cider and cider donuts at my favorite pumpkin patch. The cider mill that originally made the cider apparently closed down two years ago, but they’re now located at another pumpkin patch in the same town. Now I just need to track down grocery stores that carry that specific kind of cider… it was THAT GOOD. I love all kinds of apple cider, but I especially love when they’re the right mix of sweet and tart. I’ve had a surprisingly small amount of cider considering it’s one of my top five favorite things about fall (the other four are FOOTBALL, my birthday, pumpkin-flavored things, and my anniversary – in case you were wondering).

Taylor Swift’s 1989

THREEHOLY CRAP GUYS. In my first Five on Friday post, I talked about how I overcame my aversion to Shake It OffĀ by Taylor Swift and quickly became obsessed. When I was in Target earlier this week, I just had to pick up the whole CD…. and it is SO good. Pretty much every song is incredibly upbeat and sing-a-long worthy. The first 6 or 7 songs on the CD are my favorite and the very best one is definitely Blank Space. I just love the beat and the lyrics. The one song I’m not too keen on is the one that sounds like Lana Del Rey (Wildest Dreams), but that’s primarily because I don’t like Lana Del Rey. I’ve been blasting the CD essentially any minute I’m not listening to my audiobooks. I was definitely annoyed at first that she abandoned her country music roots. (Like, remember how adorable Our Song is??) I think this CD is a great foray into the general pop music scene and I’m not mad about that anymore!


FOURI need to get my ass going. I’m sick of being lazy and large. I really hate going to the gym or doing any kind of physical activity, but I have no reason not to go to the FREE gym that my apartment has. Yes, it’s free and I still haven’t been. The annoying thing is that there’s a $50 fee for the key fob to get into the gym. It’s refundable when you move out, but still, I never want to shell out that much money for something like that. I tried to get into Blogilates at one point, but even the beginner videos killed me. I need something that REALLY takes you from the ultimate beginner spot and brings you to more advanced levels. I have no balance, strength, etc. It sucks. I love eating so I never want to change my diet either, but I’ve generally tried to eat better over the past few weeks. I have no idea if it’s working because I refuse to ever step on a scale.

Being an Old Lady

FIVEChris and I spend a lot of time being homebodies. We prefer to either stay in and watch TV or movies, or go out and do things together. We don’t spend a lot of time with our friends. It’s mostly because they have different schedules than us or because we have weekend-long plans a lot of the time. Lately I’ve been thinking we need to make more a conscious effort to go out and see people. I’m such an old lady! I feel like my parents because we just stay home together so often instead of going out and seeing other people. Whenever we have the opportunity to do something with friends or go to an event, we never are in the mood to. When we are in the mood to leave, we never have any ideas of what to do! I’m planning on making more of an effort to see friends or go to events and get out of the apartment!

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Five on Fridays #5

fiveonfridayFive on Friday displays theĀ the top five things that have been on my mind this week! It could be book-related, but it may be music, movies, TV, personal life, food, etc.

2014-10-18 17.29.00Strand Bookstore

ONEYessss this week I finally got to go to Strand! It was overwhelming and took forever to get there (by walking all the way from Rockefeller Center)… but it was great! I ended buying two books (not even the two that I planned to buy): Ex-Mas by Kate Brian, to add to my holiday reads, and Stealing Parker by Miranda Kenneally, because the paperback was actually NEW and cheaper than the Kindle version! Woo! I also bought one of those cute Strand bags with the bookshelves and kittens all over it. I wish I explored more of that stuff there, like bookmarks and magnets and other accessories. Oh well, it’s not like NYC is that far away šŸ˜‰ Sorry the picture is so awful – I can’t believe I only got a few of them!

Game of Thrones

TWOChris and I started watching Game of Thrones! We’re only on episode four I think, but we’re really enjoying it. We watched one episode on Monday night and the next day both of us confessed that we were DYING to watch more and hadn’t stopped thinking about the show. So far it’s pretty interesting getting to know the characters and thinking about what could possibly happen next. The first few episodes seem to be dialogue-heavy and we sometimes find ourselves bored throughout parts of the episode…but still want to watch the next one. I know it gets crazier as the seasons go on, so we’ll definitely be continuing.

2014-10-23 21.26.51Hot Chocolate

THREEOkay so I’m a coffee girl for sure: I need at least one cup a day to function at a normal level. For some reason (maybe because the weather has been dreary all week?) I’ve been CRAZY about hot chocolate. I bought a 30 pack of Swiss Miss for the apartment and have gotten Dunkin Donuts hot chocolate twice this week. The almond coconut hot chocolate at DD is to die for; it tastes exactly like an Almond Joy! I’m going to gain a million pounds if I keep having a hot chocolate every day, but I can’t help myself. They’re too good.

Ā #HaleNo

FOURThis controversy has been talked about quite a bit in the community this week… and by quite a bit, I mean it was the only thing on my Twitter feeds earlier this week. And rightfully so! In case you don’t get wi-fi in your home under a rock, the Kathleen Hale article called “Am I Being Catfished?” was published earlier in the week. She describes that she tracked down the personal information and address of someone who gave her a one-star Goodreads review and stalked them like nobody’s business. She has also done a wide array of awful things in the past, considers herself to be bit psycho, and seems to think that she was somehow catfished because someone may have used a pseudonym on their blog/Goodreads. Whether the blogger was using a pseudonym or not, that is something ANYONE with an online presence has the right to do for their safety. Clearly that wasn’t enough for Hale. It’s really sad that something like this can gain a lot of publicity and that there are actually people on Hale’s side! Writing a one-star review for an author does not mean you deserve to be stalked. Changing your online name does not mean you deserve to be stalked. NOTHING you do means you deserve to be stalked. Now, this excellent blogger that I’d been following for a while is no longer doing a hobby she loves. It’s incredibly sad. I sincerely hope her publisher does something about all of this. She’s officially lost any blogger support and thus will have a hard time getting her work read by almost anyone.

Trusting Your Bookish Instincts vs. Taking Risks

FIVEYou’ll see a discussion post about this on the blog within the next few weeks. I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately as I navigate through my first months of book blogging. Before I started blogging, I would find books on Goodreads that sounded interesting, or browse the bookstore to find my latest read. I always compiled a list of books based on what I found appealing. There really was no other place for me to gain exposure to bookish opinions or recommendations. Now that I blog, there are constant reviews, opinions, and ratings on a bunch of books I never would have heard of before. I struggle with trusting my instincts and taking risks. There are a lot of books that don’t appeal to me for a variety of reasons, but they get hyped up by others and I change my opinion. Sometimes it’s a good thing and sometimes it’s not. I like when I can be proven wrong on something like that – when a book has the power to change my outlook and surprise me. There are plenty of times where the opposite is true; I read a book because everyone loves it, even though the concept doesn’t sound like something I would like, and my instincts were correct. I’ve been trying to balance between trusting my gut and not wasting my time, and taking the risk to read something that I otherwise wouldn’t.

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Five on Fridays #4

fiveonfridayFive on Friday displays theĀ the top five things that have been on my mind this week! It could be book-related, but it may be music, movies, TV, personal life, food, etc.


This is my new TV addiction. I said in last week’s Five that I don’t have any time for TV anymore and I was feeling like there were no shows that interested me. Well, literally that same day I decided to stay up and try a new show: Girls. Jesus it’s so perfect and hilarious. It’s just so realistic and interesting; I binge-watched the whole first season before bed on Friday and when I woke up on Saturday. Oddly enough, I haven’t had time to watch it since, but I’m hoping to have some time this weekend. I’m really interested in checking out Lena Dunham’s book now too – have any of you read it? (Not That Kind of Girl)dancing animated GIF

TWOMy Kindle

Okay so I’ve been a little library-crazy over the past few weeks. I’ve totally forgotten how much I enjoy using my Kindle! I know there’s no better feeling than holding a real book… but there are so many glorious benefits to using a Kindle instead sometimes. I’ve been able to read in bed once we turn off the lights. I don’t have to struggle with finding a comfortable position to hold the book open. I can read using the Kindle app on my computer when I’m feeling lazy at work. It fits much better in my purse than any other books.

THREEFriends on Nextflix

I’m sure most of you are assuming this is something I’m going to be excited for, but I can assure you it’s not. I’ve loved Friends since I was way too young and it was incredibly inappropriate for me to watch. I used to sneak out at night and pretend I couldn’t sleep so my mom would let me lay on the couch with her when she watched. It’s been a huge part of my life. I’ve gone through two DVD boxed sets because I wore the discs out too much. It picks me up when I’m down; it makes me happier when I’m already in a good mood. I can quote the words along with each episode. It’s totally one of those selfish things where because you love something so much you don’t want anyone else to enjoy it. I’m aware it’s crazy but it just means that so many people are gonna be out there thinking they love the show as much as me and they don’t! Hehehe.Ā sorry animated GIF

Ā FOURĀ  New York City

Tomorrow we’re headed to New York!! Chris’s birthday is on Sunday so we’ll be visiting some sights tomorrow. (No one wants to travel on a Sunday and have to rush home!) We have a few places we plan to hit, but otherwise our plans are wide open. We’ve been to New York many times before so it’s not like we have to rush around to all of the touristy spots. His main goal is the Lego store. My main goals are visiting the Friends pop-upĀ Central Perk and Strand Bookstore!! Hopefully I’ll have some nice bookish pictures to show everyone at the end of the weekend. I’m excited to get away for the day.


Can anyone tell I’m obsessed with GIFs now? I always thought they were kind of annoying in posts but something changed for me… Now I can’t stop. I spent almost an entire work day browsing Giphy and favoriting them for future use. I have a GIF Tag post coming up for tomorrow, so you can really see me go a little too crazy.Excited Freak Out animated GIF

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Five on Fridays #3

fiveonfridayFive on Friday displays theĀ the top five things that have been on my mind this week! It could be book-related, but it may be music, movies, TV, personal life, food, etc.watching tvandy samberg animated GIFI’ve gotten painfully behind on my TV shows. When we moved, we lost whatever was unwatched on the DVR because we switched companies. We decided to save some money and get a cheaper package for TV at our new place because a) we wanted to be more productive instead of just putting the TV on whenever we’re in the living room and b) we could use our subscriptions to Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime. So far it’s working okay…we just hate not having a DVR. I wrote a list of the shows we watch and when they’re on, but it doesn’t really help. Not to mention the fact that there are a lot of shows I watch without Chris. I can’t keep track of it all!! On top of THAT I don’t have any time for shows! I used to watch an episode or two in the morning but now I use that time for reading. I’ll probably expand on this topic in a later post…my futureI’m not exactly happy at my current job. Or even with my career choice. I wanted to be an English teacher ALL through childhood until high school, but once I took a Marketing class I changed my mind. I thought it was something that came easily to me that I would be able to make good money doing. I scored a nice internship at an amazing company throughout my whole college career. That was the marketing I loved to do. Now, I work at a recruiting company where 50% of my time is supposed to spent on recruiting research and 50% should be on developing marketing programs. It’s turned into 98% recruiting (the whole process) and 2% marketing. My boss is finally picking up on that fact and just gave me a great new marketing project to work on that will take a few months and a lot of time. Finally something to make me happy! I’m still second-guessing my career choice overall and will hopefully head back to school at some point for something. My future is kind of scaring me right now because I can’t imagine continuing down this path OR changing it up either. EEK.
blog upgradesI’m officially upgraded to! I tried to figure out how to get hosted elsewhere and/or some of the other cool things people have for their blogs, but I’m going to take this one step at a time. I was hoping to use instead so I could get the Ultimate Book Blogger plug-in, but I ended up confusing myself. Soooo here I say on regular with my fancy new domain name.Ā I’m pretty annoyed that there’s not one easy solution out there and I ended up buying the same package twice like an asshole. If anyone has some tips on who hosts their site and/or if you use, please let me know and help me out!footballrun animated GIFFOOTBALL is my one true love. The only thing I care about from September to February. The whole Sunday of my fall season. The reason my family has things to talk about for months on end. The Panthers have been my team since the year they came into the league and they are my reason for existence. They’re stressing me the fuck out lately though. (If you don’t care about or like football, stop reading now.) They made some awfulllll moves in the offseason, like letting go ALL of their accomplished/successful wide receivers (which included an 11 year veteran of the team who wanted to retire with them) and not picking up ANYONE good in free agency. Their offensive line was fucked. Not to mention our quarterback was recovering from a foot surgery and didn’t play in preseason. Well, they managed to win their first two games to give me (and any other sports reporter out there) hope that Ā the Panthers somehow exceed everyone’s expectations. Then…. they lost the next two games…. and won the following game. They’re ALLL over the place and stressing me out. *deep breaths*Ā friendsI’ve lost contact with a lot of my friends. It’s so hard to hang out with people when you have so much other shit to do each week. Some of my closest girlfriends have recently moved in with their boyfriends too, so we’re all just too lazy to leave our apartments and hang out. I’ve had issues connecting with my other group of friends, too.. I hung out in a group with 10 boys and 2 girls throughout high school. We all were really close and hung out every weekend. Through college, we did a pretty good job of maintaining that friendship. Now that we’ve graduated it’s so much harder! People moved away, visited other countries, are working all the time, etc. It doesn’t help that the boys never text me to hang out or anything. Long story short, one of them also really hurt me about something and I haven’t been able to talk to him since. It’s been a struggle. I hope my motivation returns to get out there and see my friends sometime soon, because Chris and I really could use some other activities and people!

Five on Fridays #2

fiveonfridayFive on Friday displays theĀ the top five things that have been on my mind this week! It could be book-related, but it may be music, movies, TV, personal life, food, etc.library qualms2014-09-23 21.11.58Okay I’ve posted QUITE a bit lately about how much I love the library, how glad I am to now have a new library card, and how everyone should run out and get one. With my love for the library comes a little annoyance. I think it’s so great the amount of books you can get from the library… but the amount of AUDIObooks is frustrating. Even when the library has the audiobook you want, normally you’re like 30th in line to get it. I understand that they want to keep it like they’re “real” books so you have to check them out, but c’mon… it’s a digital file! Just gimme it! I’m not sure if it’s just my library that does this, but there has to be a better way. I had to request a CD audiobook through interlibrary loan in order to get one I wanted (and it was an older book, so that’s why it was even available). I’ve been trying to help my boyfriend get into reading and the only time he can do it is through audiobooks at work. He listened to The Maze Runner by using his Audible credit, but it’s impossible to get the second book! The eAudio wasn’t available through our library and we had to also request the CD version from another one in the state. Who knows how long he’ll have to wait for it to come in? I know I sound ungrateful, but I guess the library deserves a little of my criticism since I’ve otherwise done nothing but rave about it šŸ˜‰ I’m also trying to determine if my library card works at ALL Connecticut libraries, or only a select few that use the same system. Sigh.bricktober legos2014-10-01 17.34.13My boyfriend began his Lego craze last year when he got laid off from his job. It’s slowly turned into an obsession…and now I’m hooked too. We had so many around the old apartment but ended up taking them all apart for our move. He’s still buying more that we’re putting together, and it doesn’t help that it is now Bricktober. This basically means Toys R Us has all of these Lego specials and the Lego store has double points. We’ll be spending a good amount of money on Legos this month (not to mention the new minifigures were released on the first!). I’m mentally preparing for the amount of Lego boxes that will soon litter my newly cleaned apartment….which brings me to…new aptWe FINALLY have everything set up in our new place (except for one picture that still needs to be hung on the wall). No more boxes. No more piles of stuff on the dining room table waiting for a home. My parents got us a cute pub table to fit in the corner of the kitchen, since our other table was too big and had to fit in the dining area instead. We’re all color-coordinated now and it looks so cute. My dad also dropped off their plastic adirondack chairs for our porch… Now I don’t have to sit on a pillow on the concrete slab! You bet your ass I’ll be out there reading until the snow falls. They normally store those chairs in the shed during the off-season, so they let us keep them for the year since our patio is covered. I’m hoping to just steal them forever though..psl fall2014-09-29 18.37.20Weeee! Tis the season for the best coffee drink! I’m kind of a month late in talking about this, since I normally have my first pumpkin spice coffee on September 1st, but I thought it was worth bringing up anyways. I even bought pumpkin spice Eggo waffles and, of course, the flavored coffee creamer. Last year we were lame and didn’t do any fall activities like pumpkin or apple picking or going to haunted places, so I’m determined to go this year! We didn’t even do a lot of fun summer activities, so we really need to get going on our seasonal spirit! I’m hoping to head to a few little farms in our area, since we pretty much live in the middle a farm anyways. (We moved out of our hometown, which is a farming town, into the next town over, which is also a farming town… seems pretty pointless.) I can’t wait to keep watching the sunset over our little apartment complex because we’re right at the top of a huge hill that overlooks mountains. In the picture you can see my little gel Halloween decorations on our bay window, along with the sunset over the mountains and the gorgeous ritzy neighborhood next to us. There are trees changing everywhere and it makes me grateful that I live in New England.Ā Someone remind me that I said that when winter comes..travelWe are ITCHING for a vacation. I’ve taken days off throughout the year but we haven’t really been on a major vacation in a while. Chris is currently a temp at his job and they’re going to make him the official direct hire offer within the next week, so he’ll finally have vacation days. We’re hoping to get up to Vermont before the leaves disappear, even if it’s only for a few days! We had grand plans to go to Boston around my birthday and New York around his, but Chris ended up getting sick the weekend we planned for Boston. We will most likely go sometime really soon because we need to get to New York around his birthday (the 19th). I just want to GET OUTTT.