Who are you?
My name is Lauren. I’m 22 years old and live in Connecticut. I went to college in Rhode Island and graduated in 2013. My degree is in Marketing, with double minor in Literary & Cultural Studies and Sociology. I work at a recruiting company, where I control all marketing activities and recruit people for jobs at our client companies. I live with my boyfriend, who I’ve been with since September 2012.
What kind of books do you like?
​The genre I read most is Young Adult. I don’t have the mindset of an adult yet, and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with people of all ages reading whatever kind of books they like! I prefer Fiction/Literature and hardly read Non-Fiction. The feminist in me despises the name “Chick Lit,” but unforunately that’s the only way I can describe the other types of books I like! I enjoy Romance (not the Harlequin, super sex-filled ones), sometimes Fantasy/Sci-Fi, and rarely some Mystery.
Where do you find new books to read?
I love browsing Barnes & Noble and adding books to my Goodreads account – that’s the only way I remember them. I frequently check out bestsellers lists and new releases around the internet. Pinterest is a great source for finding books, too. I have pinned countless lists of books; you can find other readers’ suggestions for any type of genre. Sometimes Amazon can provide some good suggestions once you’ve purchased a few books from there. Now that I’m blogging, most books added to my to-read list are from other bloggers’ reviews and recommendations. I also like getting recommendations from friends!
How do you read books (hard copy or e-reader)?
​Throughout my life, I’ve purchased tons of books from Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and other stores and have left them to pile up. I absolutely love holding a book in my hands and reading a paperback copy. That being said, I also love my Kindle. My general plan is that I read one book in a hard/paperback copy, then read a book on my Kindle, and keep repeating this back and forth. That way, I can work my way through some of the books that I have sitting around while also enjoying the Kindle format/convenience.
What do you like about the Kindle?
I started off with the original one before college, then got an upgrade as a Christmas present last year. I have the Paperwhite right now. My biggest issue with the first generation was that there was no backlight. I love reading before bed, but hate having to keep the light on. Now that I have the Paperwhite, I can use the backlight and read in the dark. I enjoy the convenience; once you finish a book, you can immediately buy and download a new one. This was key for me when I got one. I travel to Maine for vacation and my family does a LOT of sitting around and reading. Without my Kindle, I would run out of “real” books so quickly. I also enjoy the size; I keep mine in my purse at all times so I can read it whenever the mood strikes or if I’m waiting somewhere.
What does your blog’s title mean?
I kept looking into book-related puns and couldn’t really find any good ones. I was trying to just name the site “Bookmarked,” but the URL was taken. It transformed into “Bookmark Lit” (as in, bookmark literature) – a play on Bookmark It!
What kinds of posts can we expect from you?
I will be posting book reviews after every book I complete. I will probably try to post reviews for books I’ve read in the past as well, because there are so many of them! I will also post different recommendation lists. Sometimes I’m in the mood for a book that will make me cry, sometimes I want a casual summer romance, sometimes I want a paranormal book, etc. – I hope my recommendations help you find the next book you want to read, and that you enjoy it as much as I did!


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