Top Ten Tuesdays #7: Authors I Need More Of

top 10 tuesday

Top Ten Authors I’ve Only Read One Book From
But NEED to Read More

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12 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesdays #7: Authors I Need More Of

    • I really liked Beautiful Disaster but I’m not sure if I want to bother with Walking Disaster since it’s the same story with a different POV. The wedding one is about the same characters I believe and Oblivion is about one of Travis’s brothers. I guess that’s going to be another part of the series – each of the Maddox brothers’ lives

  1. You know, it’s interesting because I’ve seen so many good things regarding “If I Fall” but I was really underwhelmed by Delirium and I’ve yet to see a good review for Panic, although the plot sounds interesting to me. Kasie West also seems like she has such a range in genre! I have Pivot Point waiting on my bookshelf to read! I love your infographic this week πŸ™‚

    • Thank you! I haven’t really soon good reviews for Panic either but I’m willing to give t a shot. Kasie West definitely has some range! I saw my library has Pivot Point so I’ll be snagging that ASAP too.

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