Goodbye Summer Readathon: Update #2

My Goodbye Summer Readathon started on August 27th and will continue through September 15th. Please feel free to join us if you’d like; it’s a laid-back readathon to simply get in all of the books you wanted to read this summer but haven’t read yet! Here’s my updated TBR and progress. Sorry for the delay this week – I wanted to post on Monday but got caught up in moving!

gb summer 2


5 thoughts on “Goodbye Summer Readathon: Update #2

  1. Looks like you’re making progress! I dread my post at the end, because I’m not sure I’ve read a single book from my TBR. I also had a major reading slump the past few weeks.

  2. Your list contains several books I want to read! Namely Roger and Amy’s Epic Detour and Second Chance Summer are my top two. I want to read Open Road Summer, The Museum of Intangible Things, Five Summers and Nantucket Blue. 🙂 I hope you’ve been enjoying them.

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