200 Word Review: Since Last Summer

the basicsSince Last Summer by Joanna Philbin

Ratingthree stars
First impression: FINALLY
Last impression: *sigh*
Format: Kindle e-book / 304 pages
Publishing Info: June 3rd 2014 / Goodreads
Other books read by authorRules of Summer (first book in this series)


Since Last Summer (Rules of Summer, #2)Rory McShane should be excited to spend the summer in East Hampton with Connor Rule, her generous, smart, cute boyfriend. After all, Rory’s no longer the hired help at the Rule family mansion on the beach, and she and Connor have made it through a year of long-distance dating. But now, in the months leading up to college, Rory can’t help but wonder if she really belongs in Connor’s world.
Isabel Rule is still trying to get over Mike, the devastatingly sexy surfer who broke her heart last summer. Enter Evan, an aspiring filmmaker who’s kind, funny, and crushing on Isabel. He’d be the perfect summer fling — so why can’t she seem to forget about Mike?
Set against a backdrop buzzing with the rich, the famous, and the wannabe rich and famous, Since Last Summer, a companion novel to Rules of Summer, is the perfect beach read.

review h200 words

Review: DAMMIT why wasn’t the first book in this series a standalone? And is there going to be ANOTHER book after this one? Because I don’t think I can deal with that.

Things I liked:

  • It was a light, summery, easy, and fast read.

Things I didn’t like:

  • The DRAMA and typical YA conflicts/misunderstandings. I could literally predict every single decision the characters were going to make…and I groaned every time because they, of course, managed to make the wrong choice. Utterly predictable.
  • The recurring characters all seemed very different. Obviously the book takes place a year later but seriously? People don’t change that much in a year.
  • It seemed like a lot of the problems were invented or all in their heads. The relationships just didn’t make sense to me, while at the same time being completely expected. I guess they just weren’t developed enough for me.

I finished this book pretty quickly and it left such a minimal impression on me. I was so happy after the first book ended and thoroughly enjoyed the story, despite some traditional predictability. After finishing the second book, I couldn’t even remember what happened in half of the story. Oh well. *sigh*



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