Goodbye Summer TBR List

goodbye summer readathonToday I’ll be starting my Goodbye Summer Readathon, where I motivate myself to finish the summery books I like to read during the season. Here’s my information post and the general page where I’ll be updating progress and goals. I don’t expect anyone to join in – but you’re more than welcome to! This is just my way of getting through some summer books before fall officially starts.

Without further ado, here’s my TBR list that I’ll be completing between now and September 15th. I’ll be kicking it off with Since Last Summer!

tbr goodbye summer


4 thoughts on “Goodbye Summer TBR List

    • Thank you! I was feeling burnt out from Bout of Books and put a lot of unnecessary pressure on myself to finish all those books.. I figured this would be a nice, laid back way for me to get some summery books in before its too late!

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