30 Day Book Challenge – Day 25

A Character who you can Relate to the Most

Lara Jean || To Alto all the boysl the Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han 

I’ve been with my boyfriend for two years now, but before him – I was all about the crushes. I always had my eye on multiple people at once. I always felt super attached to ex-boyfriends and almost-boyfriends. I never really had a good way of getting over people; I’d let them mess with my head a little too much in the meantime. Lara Jean writes letters to the boys she used to love and keeps them as a way to move on. I wish I did this when I was younger! Maybe then it would have been easier to let go of my past. I can relate to her confusion about different boys and her feelings towards them. She was funny and a little awkward, which I can be at times too.


6 thoughts on “30 Day Book Challenge – Day 25

      • I loved it because Peter was so realistic. He is a boy that I could see walking down the street. That is so rare and amazing. I could also relate to Lara Jean because I’m the middle of three girls (though I’m more like Margo).

      • I was always boy-crazy when I was younger and had a lot of crushes on people. I think I related to Lara Jean in that way the most. I grew up as an only child so I love seeing stories with multiple siblings – especially ones who are SO well developed. Kitty was so cute!

      • On the Fence was a great one with siblings (I reviewed it a while back) it made me want to have older brother like Charlie! Also, I was jealous of the relationship, as always.

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