30 Day Book Challenge – Day 3

Your Favorite Series

pretty little liars

Pretty Little Liars series by Sara Shepard

I already used Harry Potter, so here’s a (very different) close second. I’ve been reading these since the year they started coming out – long before the show was even thought of. She was first only going to write 8, I believe, then decided to have 16 in the actual series plus two bonus books (a prequel and one covering their winter vacation). Whenever a new PLL book was released, I would read it immediately and finish within two days. I’m currently anxiously awaiting the final book, Vicious, which will come out in December of this year. People say the books have gone downhill since about halfway through the series, but I have been intrigued and engaged the entire time. If you like the show, I would definitely recommend reading these. The plot of the series is VERY different from the show, so you won’t get the two easily confused.


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