30 Day Book Challenge – Day 1

A Book You Wish You Could Live In

Harry Potter books by JK Rowling Ummmm seriously this is a no-brainer. Any person who says “nah, magic? I’ll pass on that world” is a big dummy. This series changed the lives of people of all ages everywhere. I could go on and on about how important Harry Potter is to my life but I’ll try to just stick with the question at hand. I would TOTALLY live at Hogwarts. Or really anywhere in their magical land. Of course I would probably rather live there after all the crazy Voldemort stuff, but either way would be fine. I know Harry would protect me. Like millions of other people, I was fascinated by every little aspect of their world. Magic wands, broomsticks, Quidditch, Hogwarts, Hogsmeade — sign me up.


2 thoughts on “30 Day Book Challenge – Day 1

  1. Good answer. Every time someone asks me that question, I immediately say Harry Potter. I know it’s not an original answer, but it’s an answer that I stand by, because it truly is an amazing place.

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